In 1897 (B.E.2440) Grandpa, Law Sak who was then 15 years traveled from Guang Dong Province, China, into Thailand and worked as a clerk in Chee Teck Thai located at No. 99, Vanich 1 Road, (Sampheng) which sold the hardware, cutlerly, kitchenware, tools for watchmaker and jewelers.

In 1907 (B.E.2450), Grandpa, Law Sak 25 years old, purchased the business from the owner of Chee Teck Thai and changed the name to Teck Thai and married with Grandma Luan Suwanmaneesri who was a nephew of the owner of Chee Teck Thai.

Grandpa, Law Sak died in 1945 (B.E.2488). Father Kriangsak supavanichyanoon took over the business of the shop in 1946 (B.E.2489) Mother Phoonsri Supavanichyanon started helping with the business of the shop in 1949 (B.E. 2492) and the business has been prosperous.

Currently Teck Thai Group has a business network located both in Thailand and abroad i.e. BANGKOK, PENANG, SINGAPORE, SURABAYA, SYDNEY and GUANGZHOU.