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Category :  Teck Thai Group Product
Brand :  Teck Thai
Code :  Order#01-703-020
Item name :  T.T.ELECTRIC BURNOUT FURNACE (big size)
Price :  -
Description : 
The well-built eletric ovens offer production and the ideal for casting larger flask and larger number of flask with four sides of  heating element double fire brick lining give you steady even heat and excellent insulation. The sturdy, expose element is easy and economical to change.
Model BF-2 (big size):
Order# 01-703-020
Flask Capacity:
  Perl. Flask 45,
Solid Flask 75 (4"x7")
Chamber size:  22"x28"x18"
(55x70x45 cm.)
Over all size:   45"×40"×65"
(112.5x100x162.5 cm.)
Power:    380V., 3Phase 20A.
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